Dream Tags Documentation


To use Dream Tags first you drop the JAR file into your WEB-INF/lib directory. Then in your JSP add the line

<%@ taglib uri="http://dreamtags.sf.net" prefix="dream" %>

Next we need to define the Dreamweaver template that this page will use.

<dream:template file="/www/Templates/basic.dwt">

where the file parameter is the absolute path of the file that contains the template. Now for each of the regions defined in the template we need to specify it's content.

	<dream:region name="Title">Dream Tags</dt:region>
	<dream:region name="MainContent">
The main content of the page.
</dream:region> <dream:region name="MoreContent">
Something else to display.

And finally we close the template tag.


That's all folks! Simple.

Now if your designer changes the page your JSP automatically changes with it.

Tag Reference

Tag: template

Attribiute Required Description
file yes

The absolute path to the template file in the file system on the server. There shoud be no other content on the page or this will appear around your template.

Tag: region

Attribiute Required Description
name yes This is the name of a region as defined in the Dreamweaver template file. If there is no corresponding region in the template then the tag is ignored. Where a region tag is specified it replaces the content for that region in the template. If no region tag is specified for a region in the template then the original content is used.

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